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Who Sold You Down The River?


Who Sold You Down The River?

October 25, 2011

Dear Tony,

I think often about the predicament our country is in, and every now and then I feel a fury rising inside of me.

Last week's committee vote on the government bridge to Canada shows that we cannot take our eyes off the legislature. While the legislation failed to be voted out of committee, two Senators showed their true colors.

Senator Dave Hildenbrand (Grand Rapids) and Senator Judy Emmons (Sheridan) betrayed conservatives with their "yes" vote.

Contact both of these Senators and let them know how disappointed you are.

Contact Senator Hildenbrand at (517) 373-1801.

Contact Senator Emmons at (517) 373-3760.

They need to know that you don’t appreciate it when:

  • >>>They vote to put the credit rating of the people of Michigan at stake for a project that shows no signs of being profitable.
  • >>>They vote to create another government bureaucracy that would drain more money from the people of Michigan.
  • >>>They vote for putting private enterprise out of business by subsidizing direct competition, picking winners and losers.

Apparently, these two Senators don't understand the proper role of government.  Apparently, they do not recognize the failure of government interference in the marketplace.

The big question that conservatives are asking themselves is: Why doesn't the government just announce that they will issue the necessary permits to any private investors who want to build a bridge?

Why not let private investors take the risk?  Why not let private investors buy the land?  Why not let private investors carry the burden if it fails?

If a new bridge is going to be profitable, private investors would jump at that opportunity.

Still Senator Hildenbrand and Senator Emmons voted against common sense, against the taxpayers.

After making such a bad decision, how can conservatives trust that these two will have the interests of the taxpayer in mind in the future?

Both of these Senators have other bad votes:

  • Voted to take federal money for high speed rail, implementing portions of Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
  • Voted for Senate Bill 8 which creates more government bureaucracies that can't be subject to referendum and can tax you. Elected officials will be protected from recall if the community doesn't like what they have done.
  • Voted to allow the Secretary of State to not renew your drivers license after three unpaid parking tickets and charge you additional fees.
  • Voted to expand the 21st Century Jobs Fund corporate subsidies and continue the tradition of government picking winners and losers.
  • Voted to take spend more on tourism industry subsidies.
  • Voted to spend $102 Million of your money on buying land the state doesn't need and recreation projects.
  • Voted to increase environmental permit fees.
  • LVoted against allowing all counties to permit the Off Road Vehicle shoulder-riding on designated roads.
  • Voted to eliminate the sunset on the Michigan Medicaid Quality Assurance Assessment (Bed Tax).

Senator Emmons also had these bad votes:

  • Voted to increase landfill tipping fee tax.
  • Voted against moving school elections to even year August and November Elections.

Senator Hildenbrand also had these bad votes:

  • Voted to allow Detroit to continue to impose higher income taxes than the rest of the state.
  • Voted to allow Detroit to continue to impose higher utility taxes than the rest of the state.

I could keep going but I think you get the point.

Contact these two Senators now and tell them you would like them to start representing limited government and you.

Contact Senator Hildenbrand at (517) 373-1801.

Contact Senator Emmons at (517) 373-3760.

For Liberty,

Tony DeMott
Michigan State Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  Don’t let Senators Hildenbrand and Emmons continue to slide by with their votes against liberty.  Call them today: Hildenbrand (517) 373-1801 / Emmons (517) 373-3760.


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