World of Warcraft: the Blues future belongs to wholesale soccer jersey Torres in no way other Premier League clubs

World of Warcraft: the Blues future belongs to wholesale soccer jersey Torres in no way other Premier League clubs

To the end of the heroic stance eight years of marriage and Chelsea, Didier Drogba for the first time accepted the interview of the club's official website, this may be his last time to face the official lens of the Blues. Has always been heavy feelings of Warcraft are very grateful to the club over the years of cultivation and trust, and solemnly pledge: as long as the day Chelsea needed him, even are willing to come back when the workers mowing the lawn.

The interview, Drogba and always will be grateful "thank you" talks about: "Thank you, really thank you for all Chelsea memories of this life I will never forget. Chelsea let me toward a career peak, In the meantime, the club and the fans gave me the greatest degree of support, whether sad or happy, you will always be behind in my care I remember long ago I was lying on the golf course near syncope, is with you pray for me. With your blessing, I overcame those bad days. Thank you, my dear friends and fans, I finally finished all the mission in Chelsea, it is to win each of honor. very happy with us take to the Champions League, which is a fantastic achievement and experience, I believe, the future I will go to sleep thinking of these happy times, the club with the fans and my comrades in my heart forever hidden. "

Drogba does not belong here, but came here eight years ago, he pledged to take a need to either stay regret. "If the night at the Allianz is another outcome, I might consider staying here for another season, but now I won everything in Chelsea. The ending is so perfect, so I chose to leave," Drogba told reporters. "No better than the present to bid farewell to the timing, I hope that everyone will always be remembered this season, and at this moment."

Drogba with a problem, of course, can not be avoided, and that is his next stop. "I can only say that next season I am sure that does not appear in the wholesale cheap soccer jersey Premier League, of course, would never play Premier League club other than Chelsea." Remarks of Warcraft, is not the first time stressed. And he was gone, who can succeed to kill God in the mantle of Warcraft hand-picked Torres to whom: "Torres is the future of Chelsea, no doubt, his performance is getting better. In fact, our relationship has been at very good competitive point of view and sometimes we do not coexist, but have been passed, is no longer important, I am convinced that Torres can hold up to Chelsea one day, he will eventually become the patron saint of the Blues. "

In recent days, Chelsea soldiers immersed in the joy of win to continue in the carnival. Drogba is bored: "We are still wild celebration, this feeling is really great to leave the mood is really quite bitter, but I have to accept new challenges, I will miss Chelsea team-mate, my veins always flowing blue blood. day Chelsea also need to aging, even if it comes back to the club mowing the lawn, I will be bored, must serve these days we have been in celebration, very excited, very relaxed and very warm. Cech, yes, I must say, he is the final to win the hero, remember him, he was a true hero, without him, championship belongs to Bayern. Fortunately, very excited. very excited group of people.

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