MEMORIAL DAY 2012-National Open Carry Day

Memorial Day 2012-National Open Carry Day

On this Memorial Day, join other Patriots in support of our 2nd Amendment rights. Honor those who have served this great country & those who have given their lives defending our rights. Openly carry your firearm this Memorial Day & exercise your God given right to do so. In states or municipalities that do not allow open carry, then make yard signs & flyers. If you know business owners, ask to display flyers at their business. If you own a business, offer a discount for those who open carry into your business. Do whatever you can to promote & spread this event if you cannot carry openly. Tell your friends, form committees, etc. But no matter what, do everything legal. Follow all laws for your state or municipality. Show those in power that our 2nd Amendment rights will not be denied anymore & they will not be infringed upon. Show that we are a force to be reckoned with. We are True Americans & we know our rights. And by God we will defend each of them. Make this a National Event that will make the Occupy & TEA Party events fail in comparison. There will be Open Carry Days each month of 2012. The next dates will be announced in days to come. Let's make a statement & make it far & wide. But remember, follow all laws. And if stopped by authorities, always comply with the officer. The only response needed as to why is that you are exercising your 2nd Amendment rights. For ideas on signs & flyers, images & drafts will be downloaded here shortly so check back often. If you are unsure of the open carry laws in your state or municipality, google open carry laws or contact your nearest State Police or Highway Patrol station or contact your local Police or Sheriff's Department.

Rules To Follow for this event:
1. Keep it legal. Do not violate any laws. Gun laws or otherwise. If you are not of legal age then do not carry. If you are not permitted by law then Do not carry. These are all common sense so please use that common sense.
2. Do not be provocative. If you are approached or stopped by law enforcement, do not rest your hand on your hip or anywhere near your weapon. Most cops respect your rights but when you pose as you may be a threat by placed your hand near your weapon they are going to be nervous. Do not make them nervous. If they ask for your weapon Do NOT be resistive. Ask them how they want you to remove it. They will usually want you to remove it with the hand opposite the side it is on. Do not get loud & do not get defensive. Obey their instructions & commands no matter how much it may violate your right to carry. If you are in a group or have someone else with you & if the officer does harass you then be sure your companion is video taping the incident. DO NOT go out & flaunt just to get stopped so you can get it on tape.
3. Remember, most law enforcement is on our side so don't do something that would make them want to change their minds.
4. If you have your weapon on your person while in your vehicle & you are pulled over, inform the officer you are armed & what he would like you to do. Most officers will just ask you to keep your hands in sight such as on the steering wheel. Some will ask you to step out to remove it & some will ask you to remove it with the opposite hand. Do as instructed.
5. This is not a time to get into pissing matches with law enforcement or anyone else.
6. This group was started to carry handguns openly but the 2nd Amendment does not make that distinction. But regardless, use common sense once again. Especially with magazine fed weapons. If in your vehicle be sure you are within the law regarding this. And regardless of how ridiculous it is, if the law requires a reason to be unloaded then make sure it is. If it requires the magazine to be removed then make sure it is.
7. NO violence in any way, shape or form. Unless someones life is in danger of serious injury or death, DO NOT use that weapon. Common sense once again. Do not remove that weapon from your person unless that threat is imminent or unless law enforcement asks you to.
8. This is not an event to show off your rights by flaunting it or brandishing your weapon in public.
9. If you are traveling be mindful of the laws in each area you may travel.

Flyers, Posters & Yard Signs
1. Some of what's above applies here as well. Do not be provocative.
2. No racist remarks or symbols. That just invites trouble, even from law enforcement.
3. This is a Constitutional Event not a political one. If you don't like the current government that is your right. But don't put political tones in your materials. This also invites trouble. Quote laws & the Constitution in your flyers & stuff.
4. If you are in a state where you cannot exercise these rights then state that in your materials. Ask the question, "My fellow Americans across the Nation are exercising their rights on this Memorial Day, WHY CAN'T I?"
5. Be smart in everything.

These rules may seem mundane to some but we just need to make sure everyone understands what we are trying to accomplish with this event. We cannot take chances of this becoming an out of control situation that causes more restrictions to be placed upon our 2nd Amendment rights. We are doing this to defend the 2nd Amendment not get it abolished or restricted more than it already is. We want to continue this event on a monthly basis so we need to make sure we do it right & legal.

Thank you to everyone who participates in & supports this event.

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