Michigan Representatives yet to decide if they support the people or the bankers.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012
Tony DeMott           
State Coordinator, Michigan Campaign For Liberty
Michigan Representatives yet to decide if they support the people or the bankers.
DeMott: There is no excuse for the lack of action on the part of six Michigan congressional representatives when it comes to a full audit of the Federal Reserve.
While the American people are suffering from high unemployment, declining purchasing power, and a loss of confidence in their congressional representation, six members of Michigan’s congressional delegation have yet to cosponsor H.R. 459, which calls for a full audit of the Federal Reserve.
"People are angry and fed up with double-talking politicians who spent decades in Washington, D.C., saying one thing and doing another," DeMott said. "The American people are demanding an audit of America’s central bank, and some politicians are waffling, once again."
Republican Fred Upton has joined Democrats John Dingell, Hansen Clarke, Sandy Levin, Gary Peters, and Dale Kildee in supporting bankers over the people. 
“Considering the broad support for an audit of the Federal Reserve, both with the Tea Party, and the Occupy movement, it is hard to understand why these representatives continue to side with the bankers,” DeMott said.
Matt Hawes, Vice President of the national Campaign For Liberty, said, “With the Fed’s recent announcement that it will keep doing more of the same that led to the housing bubble by maintaining near-zero interest rates until the end of 2014, a comprehensive Audit of the Fed has never been more critical.”
The people want to know where their money is going and are tired of big banks getting bailouts and free rides. 
Michigan Campaign For Liberty is calling on these politicians to uphold their oath of office by immediately cosponsoring H.R. 459, a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.
Tony DeMott
Michigan State Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty
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