Michigan's Obamacare Exchange "Work Group" Members Governance


Radwan Khoury -- Arab American & Chaldean Council (ACC)
John W. Freeman -- Health Care for Michigan
Mark Cook -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
John Schmidt -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Nancy Hostetler -- Delta Dental of Michigan
Rory Lafferty -- Health Alliance Plan
David Cotton -- Health Plan of Michigan
Cynthia Williams -- MESSA
Bruce Miller Michigan -- County Health Plan Association
Karen Jonas -- Michigan Pharmacists Association
Colin Ford -- Michigan State Medical Society
David Seaman -- MHA
Dominic Siciliano -- Michigan Association of Heatlh Underwriters
Scott Hummel -- Michigan Association of Insurance Agents
Kay Harless -- NAIFA - Michigan
Marge Faville -- SEIU Healthcare Michigan
Tameshia Bridges -- PHI
Jeffrey L. Brown -- Oakland County Mental Health Authority
John Roy Castillo -- Cristo Rey Community Center
Kim E. Sibilsky -- Michigan Primary Care Association
Chris Allen -- Detroit Wayne County Health Authority
Bret Jackson -- The Economic Alliance for Michigan
John Valenti Sanofi -- Aventis US
Dean Sienko -- Ingham County Health Department
Richard Lichtenstein -- University of Michigan
Wendy Block - MI Chamber of Commerce
Chuck Hadden -- Michigan Manufacturers Association
Rob Fowler -- Small Business Assoc. of Michigan
Finance, Reporting, and Evaluation
Marci Hopkins -- Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
Ed Wolking -- Detroit Regional Chamber
Jennifer Werner -- Michigan Business & Professional Association
Judy Stewart -- American Cancer Society
Jan Hudson -- League for Human Services
Carol Diephuis -- Rogranna LLC
Andrew Farmer -- AARP Michigan
Patricia Langs -- consumer
Todd Anderson -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Nancy Wanchik -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Sharon Williams -- CareSource Michigan
Graham Smith -- HealthPlus of Michigan
Bill Fairgrieve -- Consultant to Ingham Health Plan
Dr. Barbara Horn -- AOA, MOA, ExpertEyes
Rebecca Blake Michigan State Medical Society
Mark Notman, PhD -- MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine
Kristi Belmore Bronson -- Healthcare Group
Cass Wisniewski -- Hurley Medical Center
Carolyn Miller -- NAIFA - Michigan
Jeffrey C. Thomas, CLU, RHU, REBC -- Small Business Assoc. of Michigan
Cheryl Streberger -- UAW Local 6000
Michael Vizena -- Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards
Patricia Anderson -- Health Care Association of MI
Kathy Humphrey -- Planned Parenthood West & North Michigan
Ned Simpson
David Moody -- Endo Pharmaceuticals
Dean Smith -- University of Michigan
Jim Rojeski -- Ingenix
Lynnette -- Rhodes L & S Associates Inc.
Roy Lamphier -- Detroit Regional Chamber
Duane Hopkins -- Innovative Corporate Solutions, Inc.
George Grund -- Michigan Business & Professional Association
Jackie Doig -- Center for Civil Justice
Elizabeth Adie -- Thompson Michigan Women's Commission
Glenn Ashley -- United Cerbral Palsy of Michigan
Richard Boehm -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Kristen M. Kangas-Kraft -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Brenda Laird -- Delta Dental of Michigan
Tom Lauzon -- Health Plan of Michigan
Dennis Smith -- Upper Peninsula Health Plan
Ellen Rabinowitz -- Wastenaw Health Plan
Taylor Scott, DO -- MOA EMR Committee
Jim Lee -- MHA
Karl W. Albrecht -- CEBS Action Benefits/MAHU
Charles K. May -- NAIFA - Michigan
Don Vroon -- Grotenhuis
Brian K. McNeill -- CMH for Central Michigan
Phillip W. Weaver -- Hope Network
Forest Goodrich -- Northwesst PIHP for Behavioral Health
Phillip Berquist -- Michigan Primary Care Association
Michele Strasz -- School Community Health Alliance of Michigan
Cynthia J. Mark -- Mark Consulting Group
Todd Lacksonen -- Eisai Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Sarah Mclain -- Advomas
Sashi Ravipati -- CNSI
Umesh Jadhav -- Deloitte
Jim Nye -- L & S Associates Inc.
Jan Ruff -- MAXIMUS
Business Operations
Elaine Coffman -- McGraw Wentworth
Jennifer Kluge -- Michigan Business & Professional Association
Larry Janicki -- MMA Service Corp
Scott Lyon -- Small Business Assoc. of Michigan
Linda Teeter -- Michigan Citizen Action
Randy Block -- Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network
Gwen Williams -- MichUCAN
Kirk Roy -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Deidra Wilson -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Karen Green -- Delta Dental of Michigan
Carol Solomon -- McLaren Health Plan
Joseph Firestone -- MESSA
Craig Bass -- Molina Healthcare of Michigan
James F. Ford -- US Health & Life Insurance Company
Robin Reynolds -- Michigan County Health Plan Association/Ingham Health Plan Corp.
Craig Start -- Michigan Dental Association
Krista Matlock -- Spectrum Health Hospital Group
Michael A. Embry -- Comerica Insurance Services
Ryan Root -- Berends, Hendricks, and Stuit Insurance Agency
Robert L. Blackford -- Access Alliance of Michigan
David LaLumia Health Care Association of MI
Doug Paterson -- Michigan Primary Care Association
Debbie Brinson* -- Ingham County Health Department
Patrice Eller -- Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation
Deborah Whiting -- Greater Detroit Area Health Council
Patrick Stone -- PhRMA
Kyle L. Grazier -- University of Michigan
Cheryl Korpela -- Advomas
Phyllis Easton -- MAXIMUS
Regulatory and Policy Action
Kate Kohn-Parrott -- KKP Consulting LLC
Ken Pool -- Michigan Business & Professional Association
Delaney Newberry -- Michigan Manufacturers Association
Andy Johnston -- Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce
Kathleen Johnston-Calati -- MI Disability Rights Coalition
Gary Benjamin -- Michigan Legal Services
Lynda Rossi -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Jayson Welter -- Branch Hillsdale St. Joseph Health Plan
Rick Lantz -- Delta Dental of Michigan
David Bilardello -- Priority Health Plan
David Livingston -- United Healthcare Great Lakes Health Plan
Stacey Hettiger -- Michigan State Medical Society
Michael DeGrow -- Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants
Laura Appel -- Michigan Health & Hospital Association
Catherine Cooper -- Michigan Association of Health Underwriters
Bob Pierce -- Michigan Association of Insurance Agents
Nick Ciaramitaro -- AFSCME
Hollis Turnham -- PHI-Michigan
Robert Sheehan -- Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton, Ingam, Counties
Ben Robinson -- Rose Hill Center
Sarah Scranton -- Planned Parentood Affiliates of Michigan
Tomi Ogundimu -- Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation
Joan L. Moiles -- Retired OFIR
Kim Ross-Jessup -- Pfizer
G. Elaine Beane -- Michigan Public Health Institute
Robert Stampfly -- MSU Institute for Health Care Studies
Gilbert M. Frimet -- Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC
Carl Alden -- Michigan Association of Chiropractors

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