Mom begs state for daughter's life....

Next time someone tries to tell you that government health care is compassionate tell them this story:

State bureaucrats in Maine have given a child a do not resuscitate order. The child was placed in state custody after her father allegedly shook her into coma . This means that if the child stooped breathing the hospital would simply allow the child to die. The state issued the DNR because it believed the injuries would prove fatal--even though it has been over a year since the alleged abuse occurred.

The child's Mother who has lost parental rights, is suing to reverse the order. Here are some more details courtesy of World Net Daily:

The ADF brief explains the father has been indicted on a charge of aggravated assault. ADF said doctors at one point told the mother the child was in a coma, and she agreed to a DNR order then.

The legal team said hospital staff “placed the child in the mother’s arms to die, but the child continued to breathe on her own and opened her eyes.”

“After days went by in this fashion, the parents canceled the DNR order, and the child later came out of the coma and became alert. Despite this, medical personnel wanted to reinstate the DNR order because they said the baby’s condition was still grave, but the parents would not agree.”

So state agency bureaucrats went to court to obtain that DNR order “contrary to the parents’ wishes.”

“Even when a state agency believes the parent’s decision to be incorrect, that does not permit it to interfere in the parent’s right to make medical decisions for her child,” the brief explains.

“If the lower court’s ruling is allowed to stand, A.P.’s institutional physicians will medicate her as desired under the DNR, and she may in fact require resuscitation – but then she will not be treated due to the DNR, and thus she will die – and her mother’s parental rights would be de facto and irrevocably terminated in one of the cruelest ways imaginable.”

Aden explained: “The state is effectively arguing that this mom isn’t fit to make medical decisions for her child simply because she wants the child to live. No one has declared this mother an unfit parent, yet the government wants to take her place. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court should reaffirm Mainers’ interest in life, parental rights, and the integrity of the medical profession by reversing the lower court and restoring this mom’s full rights to make medical decisions on her daughter’s behalf.”

This case is just the latest example of why goverment control of healthcare is anything but compassionate and why Campaign for Liberty is working to end all goverment control over our health, starting with repealing Obamacare.


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