True Value and Exchange


This is true but can be broken down even further for clarity. Simply put it is a representation of something actually produced. In other words some act in some direction had to take place, this act the value by its demand only. If no demand exist no value can be directly attached to it. So the food and the products are achieved through the act of bringing it into existence which is the value by the demand which is created. This is done completely by individuals and this says very simply the producer is the value in all exchange and in all demands for recognizing demand to begin with.


Thus the con becomes those not producing claiming exchange for nothing actually done, no act of value in exchange for true value or produced value. The demand is purely false by delusion, to make something look as value when in fact is not value what so ever.


What we truly miss is true value and where this is originated from. The true value is us and our determination to create demand for ideas others will need and want to sustain and better life within them as well outside them. This is also respect to self in all honesty. Confidence is the knowing this to be true and to base the exchange of the knowledge one has and is capable of. The lack of knowing our own ability becomes our own weakness and there is always some criminal awaiting the weakness in order to fill the void.


In history there has always been many who have realized their purpose is to provide and this is all sided without exception and there has always been those who feel they are above providing and others should provide for them. This is the false activity over time, it is the out exchange, the lie, the crime against self and the denial of truth as we can experience it.


There is no better value, no more valuable and no more capable of creating value than the provider to life in support of life and the example of these acts to self and all others. This means each and everyone of us who is willing to provide is the only true value in existence and is the only reason anything great exists at all.


We were not put on this earth to be powerless of each other but in fact  powerful in providing for each other ideas that make life better and grow in strength and ideas. To be the example of what we each do, that we create, we evaluate, we determine and we decide and with such acts we produce experiences each would really like to have and we can represent it in what ever choice we choose to represent such a value. The thieves and their falseness will never amount to a better life because they each do nothing to add to value, they only suck the value out of such a value making it valueless in all math equations.


Boldly stated I know and it is time to recognize the true value in all of existence and deny the no value in our presence with Confidence.

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