Montana Legislature Poised to Sell You Out

It’s urgent you take action right away to stop ObamaCare expansion in Montana.

Ten House Republicans teamed up with all forty-one Democrats last week and changed a House rule to make it easier for them to pass ObamaCare expansion in Montana!

It’s imperative we show massive opposition in order to force the legislature to do the right thing.

Please click here to sign the petition opposing ObamaCare expansion in Montana.

For years, Governor Bullock has tried to pressure the legislature into adopting the budget-busting program.

Yesterday, he formally released his ObamaCare expansion plan, called the “Healthy Montana Plan.”

And Republicans recently introduced the “Montana Healthy Family Plan,” their own alternative proposal.

We’ve seen this very thing in states like Arkansas, where so-called “conservatives” throw in a rule or two and then call it a “private option.”

Don’t be fooled!

Medicaid expansion by any name is still ObamaCare!

BOTH of these attempts to unleash ObamaCare expansion in Montana must be stopped.

Republicans have campaigned on their opposition to ObamaCare in every election since it passed.

And now that they’re safely in office, they think they can implement ObamaCare under a fake name, and we’ll be too stupid to understand what they’re doing.

Were some of those Republicans simply using their so-called “anti-ObamaCare positions” to win their elections?

Are you as tired as I am of politicians that say one thing during election season but do the exact opposite after the election is over?

If so, click here to sign the petition, and remind your legislators that Montanans don’t want ObamaCare expansion.

The Supreme Court struck down the unaffordable ObamaCare expansion mandate and made it optional.

So just why are Republicans in the legislature choosing to actively support a law that is destroying America’s health care system and trampling on our rights?

Opting to expand Medicaid in Montana will not lead to the defeat of ObamaCare.

And if Montana accepts this rotten scheme, our Medicaid obligations could double by the year 2018.

You see, ObamaCare attempts to lure states into expanding their Medicaid programs by promising to pay certain associated costs for a couple of years.

But Montana will be expected to spend millions of dollars for all of the new associated administrative costs from the moment the state expands the optional program.

And as if that’s not bad enough, the federal government will soon significantly reduce the reimbursement rate, leaving the state with the obligation to dole out an even greater portion of the tab.

Are Governor Bullock and the state legislature so determined to get all that “free” federal money that they’re willing to completely ignore the fact that expanding Medicaid will severely increase the costs paid by Montana taxpayers?

The truth is, even if Obama keeps his promise to pay for certain parts of the program for a year or two, YOU are still footing the bill.

That’s why I need you to sign the “Stop ObamaCare in Montana” petition right away.

We’ll be delivering your signed petition to legislators soon, so be sure to take action right away, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

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