More Rights

At a state prison, where there are thousands of idle individuals, most of whom are bored to death, one would think that having something to do during the day would be a priviledge.  Inmates are utilized to assist in the repair and maintenance of the prison.  As one would expect, occasionally, an inmate does not do a very good job, does not follow orders, or any number of reasons as to why he should be replaced.  After all, there's a huge stock of available human resources on hand to replace him.  In the past, if an inmate didn't work out, he was simply dismissed, and replaced with someone else, but that's changed now.  As it turns out, there has to be a good reason to dismiss a convicted felon, who's still serving time.  It's apparently a violation of their right to work, to let him go.  So now, in order to fire an inmate, the forman has to submit in writing, the reason he would like to fire the inmate.  The reason will be reviewed by a board, and if the board does not agree, the inmate will get back-pay for all the days he did not work while the case was being reviewed.  It's not enough that the state is providing the housing, the meals, a caretaker who will wake them up at the right time in the morning so they can make it to work on time, and transportation to and from the job.  But now they can free themselves of the consequences of doing a poor job at the state-provided workplace.  After all, even if they do somehow get fired, they will not have to worry about where they will get their next meal.

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