Music Video in support of Occupy Wall Street, Liberty, and Solidarity between the Tea Party and the 99%

Hello C4L folks.  I put this song and video together a couple of days ago because I'm totally fed up with the spin and false dichotomy being projected in the media regarding the OWS movement.  After seeing the Tea Party defanged, co-opted and minimalized I felt almost obligated to do so.  I'm a Special Operations combat vet and I have also worked in a large financial institution.  Hardly the "hippie fringe" being touted by FOX, or the socialist sympathisers the Democrat corporate mouthpieces are trying to bring to the forefront.  I'm tired of all of the lies. 


Here are the lyrics:

Can't this just be all so simple?
Can't we just be all resentful?
Man, we must be all so sinful
Damn, it's just been so eventful
Here's my pencil here's my paper
Cynical by nurture's nature
Cynical by nomenclature
Miserable by purse and taker
Chemical reactionary
None of all these actions vary
Tends to fall on backs of weary
Bend us till we snap in theory
Cannon fodder
Cannon's slaughter
Man and woman, son and daughter
Kill your children - torture, prison
Earth is scorched with no precision
Retribution, anger, vengeance?
Say the source is your religion!
Tunnel vision, see no evil
Heard the sheep,
Deter the people
Make us chips in your casinos
Make black people hate Latinos
Bread and circus
Dead end surface
Bred and worked
Till dead and worthless
Here's my earth and my estate keys
Watch me closely, keep me safe please!
Monitor my conversations
Observe all my connotations
I'll defer to your pr

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