my letter to the editor concerning the recent GOP convention and leadership

Click here:  (Letter to the Greenville Herald Banner - posted  Friday, April 27th, 2012)

Did you attend the GOP county convention Saturday morning to rubber stamp a cherry picked slate of delegates? 

Or did you go thinking you could actually participate in the process?
I have news for you, until we replace those currently in power you will not be permitted to participate in the process.  That is unless you convince them you think just like they do. 
There were newcomers who wanted to get involved, they were told to show up and work and maybe you can go next time.  I'm here to tell you that I doubt very many people in this county have worked as hard as I have for the last 5 years to promote the things that Republicans (and Independents and conservative Democrats) should support.  And it hasn't worked for me.  In fact, in 2010 I was told by one of the most powerful few, that if I wanted to participate I would have to take over the party!  I just want people to get involved and do the right thing!
We were also told (once again) that we aren't ideologically pure enough.  We must think lock-step with the inner core group that controls the party. 
There is no “open door” for Republicans in Hunt County.  For over four years they have attempted to keep Republicans who adhere to the Constitution and the philosophy of Life, Liberty and Property out of the debate.  What do they fear?
 I want openness, easy access to information, the rules followed and any Republican voter allowed to participate.  I want those who have left in disgust to come back.  I want our county party to be effective and vibrant.  Imagine what we could accomplish if they had embraced the new folks over the last 4 – 5 years instead of shutting us out, vilifying us and running us off?  Folks with passion and a true desire to make a better world for their children and grandchildren.  Folks who can see where we are headed and how we’ve gotten into this mess.  Folks who think outside the canned “conservative” talk radio and network news box.
The sad thing is that the party has become the RINOs they ousted 20 years ago!    They are now the “moderates” who endorse the liberal incumbents and support the establishment candidates, following orders from on high.  We are the real conservatives who believe our candidates and elected public servants should adhere to the Constitution and their oath of office.  
The local party could have power for good, if it would use it.  I don't mean power to control an ineffective, joke of an organization.  I mean power to change the status quo, clean things up, and make this county, state and country a better place for our children and grandchildren. 

It is to their shame that they have refused to do that.  

If you want to get more involved, actually be able to participate in the future, help clean up the party and hold our public servants accountable please contact me:
Debbie McKee   


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