My prediction for 2012

This is how I see the entire nomination and election for the Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election plays out.

As is now known by many across the nation, Texas governor Rick Perry is having his name thrown around as a potential candidate for the Republican ticket in the 2012 election.

What is occurring is the mainstream in conjunction with the controlling powers in this nation are getting the public ready for Rick Perry to be the nominee for the Republican ticket.  Plain and simple.  They (the ones who control the show) do not want Ron Paul to be the nominee for so many obvious reasons.  All because the policies he will proceed to implement when he does win the presidency will hurt them immensely.  Rick Perry is a very likeable and personable charachter.  He is viewed as a conservative, moderate, and as running a state that has weathered the economic crisis quite well.  As much of the folks here at C4L know, Rick Perry is just another party man.  A guy who will do as told by the real ones in charge and stop at nothing to derail truly good legislation for the people.  As an example I cite the recent handling of the TSA bill to limit their ability to touch passengers who are boarding flights both domestic and international.  Rick Perry along with the Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss and the Lt. governor made this legislation unavailable to be voted upon this session by not answering requests for it to be presented to the congress of Texas in time for it to go through committee and so on. 

  So what I see happening is that at a point during the Republican nomination for president to be chosen, Rick Perry will be introduced as a candidate.  This will likely occur concurrent with a story that slings mud upon Ron Paul that the establishment is currently devising that will be very devastating.  Something not easily denied or able to be disproved or shown to be unfounded.  It will be something that will leave the people seeing it with questions about Ron Pauls credibility and his honesty and integrity.  They know this is what they must do in order to prevent his nomination from being a reality.  Because if he wins the nomination he will win the presidency.  They are out of any good candidates they can control and Rick Perry is the only card in the pocket they have left.  They will use it.  He will win the candidacy either through fraud which will  never be investigated or possibly fair and square.  My guess is a win through election fraud.  In my opinion, the writing is on the wall.  For two consecutive runs at the nomination, Ron Paul has been the leading candidate and this go around he has the media attention that shows it as well.  This media attention can not be hidden like it has in the  past.

  So be on the watch for Rick Perry to make an entrance to the race sometime before the republican nomination occurs.  

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