A Reminder Why We Must Guard Our Sovereignty

It's nice to see dictators in the dock, even if it is an artificial international tribunal located somewhere like the Hague.  But there are many reasons to be skeptical of proposals to create new, super-national bodies. 

Consider the recent overreach by the Yugoslavian war crimes tribunal.  This court is supposed to try "war criminals" who committed atrocities in the Balkans.  But in December it tried to prosecute a French journalist for reporting on its activities!

Reported the Washington Post:

France refused Monday to carry out an arrest mandate from the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal against a French journalist convicted of contempt for revealing confidential information about the tribunal’s work.

The nation’s chief Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bernard Valero, said France’s accords with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia require it to carry out mandates against those accused of “serious crimes” but not offenses against the court itself, such as Florence Hartmann’s contempt conviction.

As if the threats against a free society were not already great enough!  In the name of ridding the earth of tyrants, the tribunal wants tyrannical powers.

Just another reminder why Americans need to guard their sovereignty against the pretensions of international activists.

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