About those ObamaCare Savings ... Oops!

Remember ObamaCare?  That unconstitutional law--at least by the meaning of the Constitution, though we don't yet know how the Supreme Court is going to rule--which was supposed to save us zillions of dollars.  Well, taxpayers shouldn't act like congressmen and spend the savings before they occur.

According to Charles Blahous at the Mercatus Center:

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enacted in 2010 will significantly worsen the

federal government’s fiscal position relative to previous law. Over the years 2012–21,

the ACA is expected to add at least $340 billion and as much as $530 billion to

federal deficits while increasing federal spending by more than $1.15 trillion over

the same period and by increasing amounts thereafter. These adverse fiscal effects

are not everywhere understood because of widely circulated analyses referencing

scoring conventions of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Medicare

Trustees, which compare the health care reform legislation to a baseline scenario

that differs from actual law. Moreover, there is substantial risk that the ACA’s costsaving

provisions will not be enforced as currently specified.

Well, as a friend of mine says (when it comes to buying antique beer steins, which fill his house):  "It's only money"!  And when it's taxpayers' money to boot, it really doesn't count in Washington.

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