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Another Stupid War is Coming


Another Stupid War is Coming

Commentary on President Obama’s speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)convention and his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is paying attention to Obama’s drawing a red line that is markedly different from that of Israel, i.e. that military intervention should be dependent on preventing Iran’s actual acquiring of a nuclear weapon rather than only having the capability to develop one. Israel and its US lobby are seeking to make Iran’s ability to enrich uranium a casus belli rather than any proof of belligerent intent.  That capability or “breakthrough” line has already been crossed which would suggest that the US should be at war with Iran already, precisely what Senators Graham, Lieberman, and McCain as well as their AIPAC sponsors would like to see.

What continues to be disturbing, however, is the overall concept that the United States should be planning to go to war at all.  Obama did not bother to explain why Iran is a threat to the United States because it is clear that to attempt to make that argument would be to magnify the actual threat from Tehran far beyond reality.  Iran does not threaten the United States and, given its puny economy and military budget, cannot do so.  It would easily be contained even if it were to waste its limited resources on developing a crude nuclear device that it would be unable to deliver on target.

This pledge from Obama means that the US will actually be going to war on behalf of what the Israeli leadership considers to be a threat against itself, rightly or wrongly.  Israel, of course, has a vast nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver the weapons on target to include ballistic missiles and submarines.  It also has an extensive anti-missile defense system funded by the US taxpayer.  Obama calls US support of Israel right or wrong as “having Israel’s back.”  Why should the US have anyone’s back apart from those nations with which Washington has a defense treaty that clearly spells out the conditions for support?  Who “has the back” of the American people?

Obama also did not address what would happen if Israel were to start a war whether or not it is provoked by Iran.  He knows perfectly well that congress and the media would force the White House to join in on Israel’s behalf, which is possibly what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calculating on.  Netanyahu would like to see regime change in the White House in any event to bring in a pro-Israeli head case like Gingrich or Santorum which would be a guarantee that the United States will be at war with much of the rest of the world for the foreseeable future.


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