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Assume the Position


Assume the Position

So what happened to hundreds of full-body, high detail scanners after they were yanked from airports last year?

According to the Chicago Tribune:

Most have been shipped to jails, prisons and state and local government agencies.

The TSA reported that 154 of the scanners were recently transferred to law enforcement agencies in Arkansas, New York, Michigan and other places, with 96 others remaining at the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Read it all.

As Douglas Barclay wrote when covering the story for Rare:

Let that one sink in for a moment, the same technology now used on prisoners, was field tested on millions of American citizens.
Replacing the original scanners with a watered-down, generic-image version has not soothed our concerns with the TSA, and Campaign for Liberty remains committed to strengthening our nation’s security by abolishing the ineffective bureaucracy.


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