Attn: Senate Floor Vote on Internet Sales Tax

Sources indicate the Senate could vote on an amendment Wednesday to push forward with Internet sales taxes.

The National Internet Tax Mandate, as it ought to be called, is the epitome of "taxation without representation."

By overturning the "physical presence" standard in Quill, and forcing small online retailers to act as tax collectors for sales in states in which they are not located, the business owners are left with little recourse against politicians who hike taxes.

Furthermore, this concept flips the original intent of the Commerce Clause on its head, as Congress would subject small businesses to onerous taxation from out-of-state tax regimes.

Proponents of the National Internet Tax Mandate say this bill won't harm small business because they've exempted retailers with less than $1 million gross sales. This talking point doesn't even pass the smell test, as even the federal government's Small Business Administration defines a small business as one with up to $30 million in gross sales annually.

Campaign for Liberty has been sounding the alarm on this tax hike, in op-eds, by email, coalition letters, and letters to the Senate; but now it's time for members to take action!

Please take a moment to contact both your senators and urge them to oppose any vote on an Internet sales tax this week.

The young and burgeoning free market retail environment on the Internet could very well depend on it...

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