Audit the Fed Support More Than Doubles in the Senate

In August, C4L staff sorted, packaged, and delivered over 30,000 petitions to U.S. senators calling for a full, thorough, and regular audit of the Federal Reserve System.

And our efforts have been rewarded, as support for S. 202 has more than doubled, going from 8 cosponsors to 17!

This is only possible because of your continued support of Campaign for Liberty and our Audit the Fed effort.  Thanks as well to lead sponsor Senator Rand Paul for his hard work to get his colleagues to take action.  I am confident the momentum will only continue to increase.

If you don't see your senator(s) on this list, contact them right away and demand they support transparency and accountability!

Here is the current list of cosponsors:

Sen. Jim DeMint  
Sen. David Vitter
Sen. Mike Lee  
Sen. Orrin G. Hatch  
Sen. John Boozman  
Sen. Dean Heller  
Sen. Saxby Chambliss  
Sen. Mike Crapo
Sen. James E. Risch  
Sen. Marco Rubio
Sen. Tom Coburn  
Sen. Roy Blunt  
Sen. John Barrasso  
Sen. Richard Burr  
Sen. John Thune
Sen. James M. Inhofe  
Sen. Roger F. Wicker

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