Audit the Fed Update

One unfortunate reality of working in politics is that details can change very fast.

In just the last few hours, C4L received word that the vote on H.R. 459, the Audit the Fed bill, could be moved to this Wednesday, July 25, with debate on the legislation still expected to start tomorrow (Tuesday).

No matter when the final vote comes, it’s clear that time is running out to secure all the support we can for Audit the Fed.

With a vote that could likely come any time in the next two days, you and I must keep the pressure on.

So if you haven’t yet contacted Congress, please leave a message with your representative’s office tonight and call back to make sure the staff received it as soon as you can tomorrow.

If you’ve already called, you can still follow up with an email, fax, or one more call to make it clear how strongly you believe in this issue.

Even if your representative is already a cosponsor, it’s critical to send a reminder you expect them to support the bill all the way through final passage.

Be sure to stay tuned to this site for the latest on the Audit the Fed vote!

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