Campaign for Liberty Strongly Opposes Internet Sales Tax Bill

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia - Today, Campaign for Liberty again came out strongly against the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act,” which the Senate is considering attaching to the “Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act,” despite wide opposition from the American people:

“Proponents of the ‘Marketplace Fairness Act’ want us to believe this legislation is all about ‘fairness,’” said Campaign for Liberty President John Tate. “But there is nothing fair about corporate lobbyists using the strong arm of government to put their smaller competitors out of business.

“There is nothing fair about tax-and-spend governors looking to the federal government to extend their taxing authority beyond their state’s borders and upend 'no taxation without representation' because legislators refuse to budget and prioritize. And there is nothing fair about forcing our nation’s small businesses to collect sales taxes for the nearly 10,000 different tax jurisdictions nationally.

“Not only is the Marketplace Fairness Act harmful to small businesses and consumers, but Harry Reid’s attempt to attach it to legislation permanently prohibiting access taxes on the Internet is nothing short of bizarre. Only in Washington would politicians try to increase power to tax Internet purchases by attaching it to legislation preventing taxes on Internet access.

“Campaign for Liberty will continue our aggressive campaign to defeat this misguided legislation, and we will hold every senator and representative who supports this crony-capitalist, White House-backed, job-destroying money-and-power grab accountable.”

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