Campaign against Liberty?

Campaign against Liberty might be a more appropriate name for Organizing for Action, a new group formed by top operatives from President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign, such as Obama's Campaign Manager, Jim Messina, and top advisor, David Axelrod.

First Lady Michelle Obama describes Organizing for Action as "the next phase of the movement for change."  Since the group is a continuation of Obama's campaign machine, and explicitly designed to advance Obama's agenda for "change," Organizing for Action will no doubt support the following:

  • drone strikes;
  • indefinite dentition;
  • presidential kill lists;
  • gun control;
  • health-care mandates;
  • undeclared wars;
  • TSA;
  • crony capitalism;
  • warrantless wiretapping;
  • raising taxes;
  • spending increases disguised as spending cuts.

I’m sure Organizing for Action will also work to ensure the American people are unable to find out the truth about how the Federal Reserve's policies enrich the statists and their favorite special interests while lowering the average American’s standard of living.  Unfortunately, recent events show that establishment Republicans are unlikely to provide any effective opposition to Obama and his pals in Organizing for Action.  That is why it is up to those of us who understand the dangers of this agenda to continue to Campaign for Liberty against statists in all parties.

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