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Crazy Commies and their Useful Idiots Still Exist


Crazy Commies and their Useful Idiots Still Exist

Want to create a lobby for North Korea?  A state which has allowed hundreds of thousands or millions of people to starve, and which locks hundreds of thousands more people up in deadly labor camps?

No problem.  Talk to Alejandro Cao de Benos, now also called Zo Sun-il, the North Korean spokesman in Europe. 

According to the Independent:

 As North Korea convulsed in grief last month with the passing of its Dear Leader, the rest of the world tittered nervously. For Zo Sun-il, a North Korean government spokesman in Europe, this made the bereavement doubly hard to take. While he mourned in isolation, his phone rang hot with calls from international media, who marked Kim Jong-il's demise by gleefully rehashing the more remarkable claims put forward about him in state propaganda: that he was an influential trendsetter in world fashion; that the one time he picked up a golf club, he made 11 holes-in-one. That he didn't need to defecate.

Zo took their calls, and seethed inwardly. "I found myself alone in the outside world," he told me, days before Kim Jong-il's funeral. "It's so painful to hear words from people that are so completely ignorant. They broadcast these stupid cartoons of Team America, making a mockery out of the pain of the Korean people. This makes me even more angry and resolute to continue defending his honour."

He does look pretty cool in his North Korean military uniform.  Not!

Wow.  As bad as the statists on Right and Left are in America, they still don't support anything like North Korea.  We should be thankful for small favors!


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