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Drug War Censorship


Drug War Censorship

It has long been evident that the Drug War is bad for America.  Crime in the streets, millions in prison, violations of civil liberties, along with tens of millions of people still using drugs.  So where's the benefit?

It turns out that the Drug War also threatens free speech.  One of the most important organizations opposing the Drug War is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP.  It has started a new blog by a cop who believes he must remain silent, or be fired.

He writes:

As an active duty veteran police officer, I would love to publicly join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and freely speak out against the drug war.  However, I am scared, yes scared, to join LEAP publicly. Although many active duty law enforcers are already speaking out publicly with LEAP and maintaining their careers (more on them later), I believe I would be punished by my department for my advocacy or perhaps even fired.

We saw the same phenomenon with slavery.  The only way for Southerners to preserve that horrid institution was to dismantle protected liberties for the entire population–prohibiting advocating the end of slavery, mailing anti-slavery materials, or otherwise agitating against the practice.

We need a full and honest debate on drug prohibition.  Including the participation of law enforcement officers able to speak openly without fear of retaliation.



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