Jail time for food trucks and farmer's markets?

While the crime situation has improved in Washington, D.C.* since the days when it was the "murder capital of the United States," crime remains a problem for many D.C. residents. So the people of DC should be pleased that the DC City Council is considering legislation to impose harsh penalties--including jail time-- on Food Trucks and Farmer's Markets.

That's right, today the DC City Council is considering legislation imposing harsh fines and jail sentences on food trucks and farmer's markets who violate DC's incredibly burdensome food regulations. These new penalties will raise the price DC consumers pay for food; they also will discourage potential entrepreneurs from starting their own food truck business.  It seems odd that, at a time when city officials consider it good news when the DC unemployment rate is "only" 8.1%, the City Council would be discouraging the creation of new businesses. But it is distressingly common for city officials to pass regulations that (by sheer coincidence, of course) benefit entrenched business interests at the expenses of consumers and entrepreneurs.

*Not counting the crimes that occur on a daily basis on Capitol Hill and at the White House.

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