Keeping America Safe...

... from the Amish menace.  

If you haven't yet heard the news, it's official, the FDA won its case against Dan Allgyer, an Amish farmer whose unspeakable crime -- selling raw milk -- has now forced him to shut down his farm, "Rainbow Acres," altogether.

For Mr. Allgyer, a man whose fight with the FDA goes back two years , the price was particularly steep.  The Judge ruled that if found in violation again, he'll be forced to pay the FDA's cost of investigating and prosecuting him.

Nevermind for a second that Congress has never passed a law banning the interstate commerce of raw milk.

Nevermind that the FDA, as is often the case with Washington's out-of-control regulatory regime, unilaterally wrote the regulations banning the interstate commerce of raw milk.

And for the moment, we'll overlook the FDA's use of entrapment, by posing as a member of the "Grassfed on the Hill Buying Club" a food cooperative with nearly 500 members, to ensnare Allgyer after their 5am farm raid paid little in dividends.

Sleep tight, America. And know that at least one Amish menace, selling milk straight from a cow to willing consumers is, off the farm.

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