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Liberty NewsWire – 1/11/12


Liberty NewsWire – 1/11/12

The hot-button anti-piracy legislation that sparked a revolt online is starting to become a political liability for some of SOPA’s major backers. Fueled by Web activists and online fundraising tools, challengers are using the bill to tag its congressional supporters as backers of Big Government — and raise campaign cash while they’re at it. – Politico

SOPA Becoming Election Liability for Backers - Politico

Reddit Will Black Out on January 18 to Protest SOPA  - Buzzfeed

Microstamping Ammunition Threat Back in NY The Daily Caller 

Guantanamo Closure Hopes Fade As Prison Turns 10CBSNews

TSA Officers Jailed for Stealing $40,000 in Cash from a Passenger's BagDailyMail.uk 



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