Liberty NewsWire: April 17, 2012

In 2002, the FBI found after it analyzed DNA in 80 selected hair cases that its agents had reported false matches more than 11 percent of the time. “I don’t believe forensic science truly understood the significance of microscopic hair comparison, and it wasn’t until that we learned that 11 percent of the time, two hairs can be microscopically similar yet come from different people,” said Dwight E. Adams, who directed the FBI lab from 2002 to 2006.

Yet a Post review of the small fraction of cases in which an appeals court opinion describes FBI hair testimony shows that several FBI agents gave improper testimony, asserting the remote odds of a false match or invoking bogus statistics in the absence of data. - The Washington Post

Police State

The Washington Post - Convicted Defendants Left Uninformed of Forensics Flaws Found by Justice Dept.

Foreign Policy

International Business Times - 6,500 US Military Veterans Commit Suicide Every Year

Reason - Drones Are a Fact of Life (and a Meme) But the Pakistani Perliament Requests the U.S. Stop With the Strikes  


Wall Street Journal – Former TSA Officer Pleads Guilty to Bribery

Drug War

Foreign Policy - The Narco State


The Daily Caller – Committee: Dodd-Frank Compliance to Cost Private Sector 24 Million Man-Hours Per Year

IRS and Taxes

Reuters - Special Report: Tax Time Pushes Some Americans to Take a Hike

USA Today - Toughest Problem Facing Taxpayers: Getting Help From the IRS

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