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Liberty NewsWire: April 5, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: April 5, 2012

[Illinois'] top court is poised to rule on Cook County’s assault weapons ban Thursday in a case that will determine the fate of one of Illinois’ signature gun-control laws.

The county ordinance specifically outlaws the sale or possession of “any assault weapon or large capacity magazine.” It describes several traits of prohibited weapons — such as a protruding grip or a shroud attached to the barrel — and specifies several types of guns that are in violation of the ordinance. – Chicago Sun-Times

Gun Control

Chicago Sun-Times – Supreme Court Ruling on Assault Weapons Ban Expected Thursday

Police State

Yahoo! News (Associated Press) – 5 Ex-Cops Sentenced in Katrina Killings Case

CBS News – Drone Use in the U.S. Raises Privacy Concerns


Reuters – Food Inflation Seen Back on the Table as Prices Rise

Government Waste

Fox News – Federal Agency Accused of Spending $820G On Vegas Bash Also Spent $250G On Incentive Program


Forbes – The Republican Alternative to Obamacare is – More Obamacare?

San Francisco Chronicle – California Health Insurance Exchange Moving Ahead


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