Liberty NewsWire - August 22, 2011

"The Federal Reserve lent Wall St. firms a staggering $1.2 trillion in a previously unrevealed bank bailout that dwarfs the size of TARP, reports Bloomberg News." - Politico

Wall St. Aristocracy Got 1.2 Trillion from Fed - Bloomberg

Report: Fed Lent Wall St. 1.2 Trillion More - Politico

Fed Lent 1.2 Trillion to Banks During Financial Crisis - LA Times

Jackson Hole Central Bankers Reflect on QE2 Amid Pressure for New Stimulus - Bloomberg

U.S., Europe Stocks Rally on Expectation for Stimulus - Bloomberg

Layoffs Sweep Wall St., Along with Low Morale - Reuters

Consumer Confidence Hits New Low, May Be Weaker - CNBC

Mortgage Delinquencies Increase - WSJ

Economy Still Straining Social Security Disability Program - Washington Post

Debt Ceiling Agreement Providing Little Help to Congressional  Appropriators - The Hill

Rebels Hold Most of Tripoli, Gaddafi Out of Sight - Reuters

U.S. Urges Libya Rebels to Plan Post-Gaddafi Era - Reuters

After the Fall, Libya Faces Long Road to Stability - CNBC

Germany Against Euro Bonds - Reuters

Police Arrest Dozens Protesting Oil Pipeline at White House - Reuters

Federal Push for 'Cloud' Technology Faces Skepticism - NYT

'Super Committee' Members Get Plenty of Funds From Lobbyists - The Washington Times

Most Vulnerable Redistricted Republicans - The Hill

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