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Liberty NewsWire: February 2, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: February 2, 2012

The coalition of non-AMA doctor groups is concerned not only with patient access and the preservation of the sacred doctor-patient relationship, but also with the onerous rules that will be created and controlled by local, Obamacare-mandated Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). These mini-HMOs will deprive patients of the right to a full-range of pharmaceutical options and will restrict treatment choices and locations. ACOs will further expand confusing and often dangerous layers of bureaucracy in the form of specialty-tier drug pricing, ‘prior authorization’ requirements for medical visits and procedures, and opaque ‘medical necessity’ restrictions. – Washington Times


Washington Times – Doctor Coalition Challenges the AMA and the White House on Obamacare

Economic Policy

Washington Post – Indiana Gov. Signs Right-to-Work Bill, State Becomes Rust Belt’s First to Enact Labor Union Law

Fox News – Obama Proposes New Government Guarantee for Homeowners to Refinance

Reason.com – Central Planning at the Federal Reserve

Foreign Policy

The Washington Post – Pakistan Denies Claims in NATO Report of Spy Service Still Aiding Taliban

TSA & Travel Freedom

The Hill – Senate presses TSA to study health risks posed by X-ray scans

CNN – Anatomy of an Airport security breach


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