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Liberty NewsWire: February 20, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: February 20, 2012

The Astros are marking their 50th anniversary this season, so they'll be wearing an assortment of throwback uniforms for Friday home games. That includes the uniform of the Houston Colt .45s, which was the team's name for the first three years of the franchise's existence.

But in a move that's outraging uniform historians and firearms fans alike, the Astros have decided to make a significant tweak to the Colt .45s jersey design. They're removing the smoking handgun. – ESPN

Gun Control:

ESPN – Astros Remove Gun From Colt .45s Throwback

LA Times – California Gun Owners Hope to Win the Right to Carry Concealed Weapons

Internet Freedom:

International Business Times – H.R. 1981: SOPA Author Lamar Smith's New Internet Surveillance Bill Intensifies Threats to Online Privacy

War on Drugs:

Miami Herald – Pro-Drug Legalization Forces Are Gaining Clout

BBC News – Mexico’s Acapulco Resort Takes a Dive Over Drugs War


USA Today – U.N. Nuclear Inspectors to Press Iran on Weapons

New York Times – Iran Raid Seen as a Huge Task for Israeli Jets       


Fox News – States Attack ‘Obamacare’ With Birth Control Bills, Would Allow Insurance Companies to Ignore New Contraception Rules

Reason – It’s Not About Contraception


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