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Liberty NewsWire: February 22, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: February 22, 2012

Then there is the argument that more private gun ownership will lead to more accidents because the average citizen isn’t sufficiently trained to use a weapon defensively. While gun accidents do occur, the Cato study indicates that they are the most overstated risks. There were 535 accidental firearms deaths in 2006 within a population of almost 300 million people. Although every lost life is tragic, the proportion is not particularly startling. – Forbes

Gun Control

Forbes – Disarming the Myths Promoted by the Gun Control Lobby

Internet Freedom

The Wall Street Journal – The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom


CBS Denver – Girl Who Borrowed Asthma Inhaler Expelled From School

Washington Times – Muslim Families Turn to Home-Schooling


The Atlantic – AIPAC and the Push Toward War

Reuters – Iran Defiant as U.N. Nuclear Talks Fail

Economic Intervention

U.S. News and World Report – Federal Reserve Driven Inflation Hurts Savers

Fox News – Fannie, Freddie Regulator Looks to Unify Mortgage Securities


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