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Liberty NewsWire: February 24, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: February 24, 2012

Seven states on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the federal government requirement that religious employers offer health insurance coverage that includes contraceptives and other birth control services. – CNN


CNN – Seven States Sue Government Over Contraceptives Mandate

Washington Times – Democrats Rise Against ObamaCare

Fox News – Alinky-Tied Group Awarded $56 Million Federal Loan For Health Insurance Project

Utah Pulse – Utah Health Exchange: State Based Innovation

War on Drugs

Reason – Prohibitionist County Commissioner Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Police State

CBS News – NYPD Defends Legality of Spying on Mosques

Reason – Don't Get Publicly Drunk in New York City, Even Though It's Legal

Gun Control

The Daily Caller – Federal Judge Severely Limits Second Amendment Rights

Fox News – Gun Ownership ‘Very Difficult’ Despite Supreme Court Rulings

Federal Reserve

Reuters – Republican House Bill Would Strip Fed’s Jobs Mandate

Foreign Policy

The New York Times – Koran Protests Resume in Afghanistan Despite U.S. Apology

Los Angeles Times – U.S. Does Not Believe Iran is Trying to Build Nuclear Bomb

Reuters – Iran Wants More UN Nuclear Talks After Tehran Stalemate          


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