Liberty NewsWire: February 29, 2012

The new legislation would make it a federal offense for anyone to protest or assemble without permission on grounds where the Secret Service is protecting a government official or any building or grounds restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of national significance.” - AntiWar.com

Police State

AntiWar.com - 'Trespass Bill' Would Violate Peaceful Assembly Rights

Reason - Cop Shoots Dog: Three Stories to Wreck An Animal Lover's Day

NY Times – Great Texas Warrant Roundup Roots Out Misdemeanor Offenders

TSA & Travel Freedom

Philadelphia Inquirer - TSA Trainer at PHL Admits Taking Bribe

Eminent Domain

Fox News – House Acts Against High Court on Eminent Domain

War on Drugs

Forbes – Is Drug War Driven Mass Incarceration the New Jim Crow?

Gun Control

Roanoke Times – Repeal of Gun Limit Signed by Governor

The Hill – Lawmakers Say Ohio Shooting Won’t Change Nation’s Gun Right


Fox News - No Clear World Voice on Iran Nuke Work

Federal Reserve

Huffington Post – Federal Reserve Conducts Another Secret Sale of Maiden Lane II Securities

NPR – Record Low Interest Rates Raise Inflation Concerns

Politico – Federal Reserve Should Focus on Inflation, Bill Says

Balanced Budget

CBS News – South Dakota Voters Will Decide on Balanced Budget Amendment


Forbes - White House Quietly Increases Budget for Obamacare's Exchange Subsidies by $111 Billion

Sunshine State News - Obama Health-Care Hikes Hit Military, Spare Unions; Vets Vow to Fight

Reason – Obamacare’s Expensive Exchanges

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