Liberty NewsWire: February 6, 2012

The idea that public education does not have to mean government education was a trailblazing one in the 1950s, when Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman first outlined the idea of school vouchers. To paraphrase Friedman, just because Americans have agreed to the public financing of education does not mean they believe government should dictate where a child goes to school.

It was academic idea at the time, but school choice has caught fire in recent years and is now taking hold in states and districts across the country. The thirst for more options accelerated the movement in 2011, when 12 states and the District of Columbia either expanded existing programs or created entirely new options.   - The Atlantic

School Choice

The Atlantic – Why Market Forces Are Good for Education

The Washington Post – Bill Aims to Give Home-Schooled Students Access to Public High School Sports

ABC News – Why New Hampshire Lets Parents Have Broad Say Over Children’s Coursework

Monetary Policy

Bloomberg – Bullard Says Fed Bond Purchases Not Needed as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls

Fiscal Policy

CNN – No Strip Club Spending for Welfare Recipients

Politico - GOP Assails Reid on Budget Punt

Foreign Affairs

New York Times - U.S. Plans Shift to Elite Units as It Winds Down in Afghanistan

Reuters - Iran threatens to hit any country used to attack its soil


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