Liberty NewsWire: Friday, February 17th, 2012

The city of Northampton is once again taking a bold stance against a controversial federal law. It became the first city in New England to pass a resolution rejecting the National Defense Authorization Act Thursday night." - Heidi Voight for WWLP News.  See full story immediately below.

Individual Liberty


Northampton, MA Local News - Northampton "opts out" of federal law

School Choice:

The Republic – Wisconsin Republicans Refuse to Take Up School Voucher Limits After Democrats Try to Force Vote

Internet Regulation:

Politico - Hollywood to Make Over Piracy Message for D.C.

TechDirt - Senators Ramp Up Fear Mongering To Try To Rush Through Cybersecurity Bill

TechDirt - US Returns Jotform.com Domain; Still Refuses To Say What Happened

TSA & Travel Freedom:

Philadelphia Inquirer - TSA training instructor charged with bribery

Gun Control:

Fox News – David Brock, Media Matters and Gun Control Hypocrisy

Christian Science Monitor – How Starbucks Became the Darling of American Gun Owners

Sound Money

Federal Reserve:

Businessweek – Regulators Make Nice as U.S. Banks Bristle Over Tough Examiners

Federal Budget:

Reason - Geithner Admits Obama Budget Leaves America With "Unsustainable" Entitlement Commitments

Reason - Obama's Fiscal Fakery

Reason - Never Trust Government Numbers


US News - CBO: Longest Period of High Unemployment Since Great Depression

Foreign Policy


The Washington Free Beacon -Senate: Nuclear Containment Is Not An Option With Iran

Foreign Policy - 32 Senators Call for 'No Containment’ Strategy for Iran

Foreign Policy - Bush's CIA director: We Determined Attacking Iran Was a Bad Idea


Foreign Policy - Will Afghanistan Collapse After U.S. Troops Leave?  Maybe, But Not Why You Think           


Foreign Policy - Save Us from the Liberal Hawks

Reuters - NATO to Stay Out of Syria Even if U.N. Mandate Emerges


The Hill - Rand Paul Blasts Aid to Egypt as 'Welfare'; Dems Block Move to Deny Funds



Reuters – Could Obama Healthcare Law Force You to Buy a Car?

Forbes – A Tsunami of Court Challenges to ObamaCare

Debt Ceiling:

Washington Examiner - U.S. to Hit Debt Limit Before Election Day

Real Clear Politics - Debt Ceilings and Dirty Dealings

Other News

Post Office:

Reuters – Postal Service Releases Plan to Reverse Losses

Energy Policy:

The Hill – House Passes GOP Energy Bill, 237-187

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