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Liberty NewsWire: Friday, February 3rd, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Much of the debate over this bill [NDAA] has focused on the political issue of executive authority versus rule of law. In doing so it has overlooked the indirect and insidious effects the new law may have on the United States' largely successful counterterrorist campaign." – Brian Michael Jenkins, for Foreign Affairs (see full article immediately below)

Individual Liberty


Foreign Affairs Magazine – The NDAA Makes it Harder to Fight Terrorism

The New American – Washington State Lawmakers Join War on NDAA Indefinite Detention

SOPA/PIPA [Internet Regulation]:

ABC News – PIPA/SOPA and the Online Tsunami: A First Draft of the Future

TechDirt – The SOPA/PIPA Protest Shows Why There Needs To Be Complete Transparency With TPP

TSA & Travel Freedom:

The Wall Street Journal – NYC agent arrested in latest TSA theft allegation

Fast and Furious:

Fox News – Holder: No cover-up in 'Fast and Furious,' no effort to hide details of the operation

Right to Work Laws:

Christian Science Monitor – Right to Work Push has Unions Stewing and a Fight Brewing

War on Drugs:

Huffington Post (Stephen Downing, Former LAPD Deputy Chief) – Silence Says a Lot: An Open Letter to Google About Marijuana Legalization

Chicago Tribune – Washington State Marijuana Legalization Headed for Ballot

Gun Control:

Washington Post – Virginia Expected to Lift One-Per-Month Limit on Handgun Purchases


Fox News – Lawmaker wants ban on taxpayer-funded ad campaigns against sodas, junk food

USA Today – Calif. lawmaker seeks probe into Tasering of park dog walker

Foreign Policy

War Powers Act:

WND – What is a Just War?


Reuters – Iran threatens retaliation over oil embargo


National Journal – Panetta Surprises Afghans, NATO With Earlier Date for End of Combat Mission       


Federal Reserve:

CNN Money – States Consider Alternative Currencies of Gold and Silver

Bloomberg – Banks Join Pensions in Squeeze as Federal Reserve’s Low Rates Erode Profit

USA Today – Bernanke urges caution in overly rapid deficit cutting



CNN – Senate passes insider-trading bill


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