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Liberty NewsWire: January 25, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: January 25, 2012

That school choice is valuable is beyond dispute. That's why there's a multi-billion dollar private school industry serving millions of students. And it's why there is a much larger system of school choice embedded in the American real estate market. While some parents pay school tuition directly, many more pay it through their monthly mortgage and property tax bills. Anyone who has deliberately purchased a home in a "good" school district is, by definition, a beneficiary and supporter of school choice. – The Atlantic


The Atlantic – How School Choice Became an Explosive Issue

USA Today – States Weaken Tenure Rights for Teachers

State of the Union Address:

Miami Herald – Fact Check: Obama Pushes Plans That Flopped Before


International Business Times – 'Enemy Expatriation Act' Could Compound NDAA Threat to Citizen Rights

Gun Control:

Reason.com – Fourth Circuit Says Government Needs More Proof of Link Between Drug Use and Gun Violence

Economic Liberty:

Business Insider – The Federal Reserve and the New Transparency

Accounting Today – Taxpayer Uncertainty Prompts Citizenship Renunciations


Washington Examiner – Obamacare Has Made the Debt Crisis Worse



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