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Liberty NewsWire: January 27, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: January 27, 2012

“I do not believe economic conditions are likely to warrant an exceptionally low federal funds rate for so long,” [Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffry] Lacker said in a statement on the Richmond Fed’s website explaining his dissent from the central bank’s Jan. 25 decision to pledge keeping its benchmark interest rate near zero “at least through late 2014.”

“I expect that as economic expansion continues, even if only at a moderate pace, the federal funds rate will need to rise in order to prevent the emergence of inflationary pressures,” [Lacker] said. – Bloomberg

Economic Policy

Bloomberg – Lacker Says Fed May Need to Raise Rates Before Late 2014

Reason Magazine – Ener1 Goes Bankrupt, Becomes Second or Third Next Solyndra

Property Rights

CBS News – New Hampshire Blocks Eminent Domain for Northern Pass

TSA and Travel Freedom

Examiner – Senate Bill Seeks Study on TSA Body Scanners Radiation


The New American – Montana Launches Recall Efforts Against NDAA Supporters

Second Ammendment Rights

MLive – U.S. Rep. Justin Amash Introduces Bill to Stop Federal Gun Sale Reporting Requirement

Internet Freedom

The Atlantic – The FBI Wants to Read Your Tweets




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