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Liberty Newswire: July 31, 2012


Liberty Newswire: July 31, 2012

Since 2001, the Pentagon budget, including the wars, has grown almost three times as fast as appropriations for domestic programs. Unchecked military spending has resulted in a bloated public debt.
                                               -   Baltimore Sun

Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs

Baltimore Sun–Military spending the problem, not the solution

Fox News –Greek coalition government wrestles with new cuts to assure bailout money

NY Daily News–Pakistan, US sign troop supply deal, Washington releases over $1 billion in frozen military aid

Yahoo–Eurozone unemployment at record high in June

Individual Liberty

USAtoday–Views on gun laws don't change after Aurora

Sound Money

Bloomberg–U.S. Stocks Fluctuate as Fed Meets; Europe Shares Decline

Star Tribune–Fed officials, worried about weak US economy, could be moving toward providing more help

FOX News–A century of freedom and free markets: Celebrating Milton Friedman

Forbes–Gold Gets No Respect But It's Beaten Everything Including Berkshire



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