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Liberty NewsWire: May 1, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: May 1, 2012

Four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes, including militant Anwar Awlaki in Yemen. Two other Americans identified as Al Qaeda supporters were inadvertently slain in drone strikes, and Awlaki's teenage son, who was not considered a militant, was killed in a strike weeks after his father's death.

Brennan provided little clarity on what safeguards are used in cases involving the targeting of U.S. citizens. "We ask ourselves additional questions," he said without elaboration. – The Los Angeles Times


The Los Angeles Times – Obama's Counter-Terrorism Advisor Defends Drone Strikes

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War on Drugs

San Diego Union Tribune – DEA “Accidentally” Left Forgotten Suspect in Cell

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Gun Control

CBS San Francisco – “Bullet Button” Used to Get Around California Gun Laws

Right to Work

Townhall – Thomas Sowell: A Cynical Process


Forbes – Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Will Raise, Not Lower Costs


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