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Liberty NewsWire: May 23, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: May 23, 2012

“For some people [Raw Milk] is just as illegal as moonshine to sell. In a documentary called Farmageddon Kristen Canty shows state and federal raids on farms across the country because the raw milk business is so strictly regulated in many states. She says, she produced the movie in part because she doesn't understand why we can eat all of the processed or fast food we want, but raw milk is illegal to sell in half the states across the U.S. including Virginia.”—Richmond Times Dispatch

Individual Liberty

Richmond Times Dispatch Raw Milk in Virginia is a dairy dilemma for some people

Foreign Policy

Los Angeles Times— Two Foreign Aid Workers Among Team Reportedly Abducted in Afghanistan


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Washington Post – Jennifer Rubin: What Would a Change of Vote on Obamacare Cost?


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