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Liberty NewsWire: May 30, 2012


Liberty NewsWire: May 30, 2012

"We do not believe that militarization, further militarization of the situation in Syria at this point is the right course of action. We believe that it would lead to greater chaos, greater carnage," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.
- Reuters

Foreign Policy

Reuters–U.S. expels top Syrian diplomat, rejects intervention

Washington Post–U.S. denies N. Korea commando operation

Christian Science Monitor–Iran nuclear talks: What world powers are offering, Iran isn't buying. Yet.


Money NewsEU Calls for Banking Union, Direct Recapitalization of Banks

Money News–Analyst: Spain May Leave Eurozone Before Greece

Federal Reserve

Bloomberg–Jeremy Stein of Harvard Sworn in as Federal Reserve Governor

Health Exchange

USA Today–Health exchange progress

Boston Herald–Obamacare diagnosed as quackery


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