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Liberty NewsWire Monday, April 16th, 2012


Liberty NewsWire Monday, April 16th, 2012

For more than a year, the intelligence services of various authoritarian regimes have shown an intense desire to know more about what goes on in an office building on L Street in Washington DC, six blocks away from the White House.

The office is the HQ of a US government-funded technology project aimed at undermining internet censorship in countries such as Iran and Syria. And so every week – sometimes every day – email inquiries arrive there that purport to be from pro-democracy activists in those places, but which, the recipients are confident, actually come from spies." – Oliver Burkeman for The Guardian.  Full article immediately below.

Individual Liberty

Internet Freedom:

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TSA & Travel Freedom:

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Foreign Policy


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Economic Issues

Federal Reserve:

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Bloomberg – Banks Seen Dangerous Defying Obama's Too-Big-to-Fail Move         

Debt Ceiling:

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