Liberty NewsWire: Monday, February 13th, 2012

The internet community - if there is such a thing - has risen up in anger over recent weeks. The main cause of its concerns have been perceived attempts to curtail online freedom by governments and corporations. So what makes the internet angry - and when does that anger have any impact?" - Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News - See full article below

Individual Liberty

Internet Freedom:

BBC News - The internet is angry - is it winning?

BBC Radio - Anti-piracy download laws around the world explained

The Sydney Morning Herald - US eyes global cyber cop role

The Daily Caller - Democrats' cyber bill still looms large

Network World - H.R. 1981, the jaws of law will eat your Internet rights

WebProNews - Study: Piracy Does Not Harm U.S. Box Office Sales


The Joplin Globe - Defense bill draws foes

Tenth Amendment Center - Welcome to the Party!

TSA & Travel Freedom:

NBC New York - After Airport Screening Complaints, Schumer to Propose "Passenger Advocate" Bill

The Mail Online - Now that's what you call a bad hair day!

Lifehacker - How the TSA's Newly-Expanded Expedited Travel Program Works (and if You Should Sign Up)

CBS Philly - TSA Investigation Underway After Driver Accidentally Enters Taxiway At Philadelphia International Airport

School Choice:

Journal Sentinel Online –Voucher Enrollment Jumps After Rules are Relaxed

Gun Control:

The Daily Caller – Michelle Obama’s Warning to Gun Owners

Foreign Policy


Chicago Tribune - The folly of attacking Iran

Business Report - New sanctions on Iran disrupt food imports


Federal Reserve:

CBS News – Ahead of Bell: Fed to Rule on Capital One, ING

The Economic Times – Housing Slump Hurdle in US Federal Reserve’s Efforts


Bloomberg – Obama’s $3 Trillion Budget Proves Unique



CATO @ Liberty - Cato's Final Obamacare Brief - on the Individual Mandate - Joined by 16 Other Groups and 333 State Legislators

The Daily Caller - Obamacare architect: Expect steep increase in health care premiums

Christian Science Monitor – Can Birth-Control Flap Rekindle ‘Repeal ObamaCare’ Crusade?

Forbes – ObamaCare and the Constitution Are Contradictory: One Must Fall

Political News

Washington Times – VA. Democracts, Republicans: No, We Can’t Just Get Along

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