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Liberty NewsWire: November 1, 2011


Liberty NewsWire: November 1, 2011

Flying Proudly Over the Birthplace of Libya's Revolution, the al-Qaeda FlagDailyMail (UK)

“I’m not aware of anything that has been reported that has surprised us out of Libya,” [Jay] Carney said during a morning press briefing. – Daily Caller

Libya's Turmoil, al-Qaeda Presence "No Surprise," Says White House - Daily Caller

Second Green Energy Company Flop Stokes ControversyThe Hill

Pelosi: SC Boeing Plant Should Unionize Or Close Washington Examiner

Are Government Jobs Productive? – Mises.org

Proposals for Balanced Budget Amendments VaryUSA Today

Congress' Voting Records Show Few With Perfect AttendanceNYTimes

Editorial: Loudmouth 1% Are Trashing Rights of 99% – Thomas Sowell, Investor's Business Daily

Editorial: Occupiers, the New Village Idiots – Morton Blackwell, Washington Times

Op-Ed: Profits are for People – Walter Williams, Washington Examiner

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are following the path predicted by the great philosopher-economist Frederic Bastiat, who said in "The Law" that "instead of rooting out the injustices found in society, they make these injustices general."

In other words, the protesters don't want to end crony capitalism, with its handouts and government favoritism; they want to participate in it. [emphasis added] – Walter Williams


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