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Liberty NewsWire – October 31, 2011


Liberty NewsWire – October 31, 2011

The Obama administration plans to bolster the American military presence in the Persian Gulf after it withdraws the remaining troops from Iraq this year, according to officials and diplomats. That repositioning could include new combat forces in Kuwait able to respond to a collapse of security in Iraq or a military confrontation with Iran. – The New York Times

U.S. to Increase Number of Troops in GulfThe New York Times

Dollar Sets Record Low Against YenReuters

Fed Panel Split Ahead of Meeting – CNBC

Subpoena on Solyndra May Come from House GOPWashington Examiner

Federal Agencies Miss Vast Majority of Deadlines on Dodd-FrankPolitico

President Prepares Yet Another Executive Order – Fox News

UNESCO Admits Palestine; U.S. Responds by Cutting off FundingThe Washington Post

Holder Likely to Face More Fast and Furious QuestionsPolitico

Al Qaeda Flag Flys in Libya – UK Daily Mail

Federal Government Challenges South Carolina Over Immigration Law – MSNBC


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