Liberty NewsWire - Sept. 27, 2011

"The Senate passed a measure, 79-12, that would fund the government through Nov. 18 and includes $2.6 billion for Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster relief for fiscal 2012. The Senate separately passed a short-term CR through Oct. 4 by voice vote to give the House time to consider the longer bill." - Roll Call

Senate OKs Deal to Avoid Government Shutdown - Reuters

Senate Strikes Deal on CR, Disaster Funding - Roll Call

FEMA Funds Could Last Through the Weak - The Hill

Watchdog: No Oversight of Fannie/Freddie Loans - CBS News

Freddie Faulted on Mortgage Reviews - WSJ

Administration Won't Appeal Health Care Ruling - USA Today

State Dept. Heads to Nebraska for Oil Pipeline Hearing - CBS News

Border Bill Would Expand Homeland Security Powers - USA Today

U.S., Iraq Target Rockets from Iran - USA Today

Report: Pakistan Behind Deadly 2007 Ambush - CBS News

Pakistan Turns to China as Ties with U.S. Suffer - Reuters

Palestinians Defy U.S., Request Statehood - The Hill

Greece to Get Loans in Time to Avoid Defaut - The Washington Times

Fed Officials Defend Latest Easing Measure - Reuters

Monsanto Spent $1.7 Million Lobbying Gov. in 2Q - CBS News

Report: Many Making Risky Moves to Cut Med Costs - CBS News


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