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Liberty NewsWire – Sept. 8, 2011


Liberty NewsWire – Sept. 8, 2011

"President Obama is expected to propose a $300 billion jobs plan on Thursday that relies on tax increases and additional federal spending even though congressional Republicans have unequivocally rejected such proposals before." – Washington Examiner


Obama's $300 Billion Jobs Plan: Where All the Money Goes – CNBC

Obama Jobs Plan Ensures Fight With GOP Over Spending – Washington Examiner

Obama's Jobs Speech Venue Part of Election Strategy – Reuters

Fed Prepares to Act – WSJ

Bernanke Unlikely to Show His Hand on Fed Easing – Reuters

A 50-Year Bond?  What One Fed Option Could Look Like – CNBC

Geithner Urges Global Action to Boost Growth – Reuters

More People Apply for Unemployment Benefits – The Washington Times

U.S. Hits Builders With Pay Probe – WSJ

Call to Arms Over Pentagon Budget Accelerates – Washington Post

Deficit-Cutting Panel On Short But Tough Road – Reuters

Feds to Guarantee Loan for Another Solar Power Project – The Washington Times






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