Liberty NewsWire: Thursday, April 12th, 2012

I realize that most Americans or Europeans wouldn't be able to pick out Mali on a map. But it's still a shame that recent events in that West African country have been getting so little attention. Until recently, Mali was one of Africa's big success stories. Now it's foundering.

This is especially ironic when you consider that it may be the policies of the West -- well-intentioned policies that were aimed at ridding the world of a specific evil -- that have contributed to Mali's troubles." - Christian Caryl for Foreign Policy Magazine.  See full story immediately below.

Foreign Policy

Noninterventionist Foreign Policy:

Foreign Policy - The Lesson from Mali: Do No Harm


Reuters - Afghanistan's Karzai considers change in election timetable

Washington Post - Post-ABC News poll shows drop in Republican support for Afghan war


Reuters - Preview: Nuclear Talks Aim to Ease Fears of Iran War         

Individual Liberty

Internet Freedom:

US News - Expert: New CISPA Bill Isn't SOPA, But Still Attacks Constitutional Rights

Electronic Frontier Foundation - ACTA: The State of Play in the US

School Choice:

Wall Street Journal – School Vouchers Gain Ground

Police State:

Reason - Is The Increasing Number of Cops Killed by Perps Really a "Disturbing Trend"?

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Radical Library/Publisher and Prison Support Group Settle Lawsuit with FBI and UC-Berkeley Police over Improper Raid

Reason - Stop Cyberbullying Your Masters!

War on Drugs:

Reuters – Cuba and Drugs Debate to Spice Americas Summit

The Daily Caller – Benjamin Powell: Time to End Out Unwinnable Drug War

Reason - Florida Drug Warriors Say They Had to Erase Possibly Incriminating Surveillance Video - for Their Own Protection


CBS Pittsburg - South Greensburg Puts Limits On Yard Sales

Gun Control:

Business Insider – Michael Bloomberg Blasts ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws as a ‘License to Murder’

Sound Money

Federal Reserve:

Businessweek – Fed Says Economy Grew at ‘Modest to Moderate’ Pace

IRS and Taxes:

Smart Money - 10 Things I Hate About Tax Day

Welfare Abuse:

Boston Herald - Pols: Welfare Abuse Runs Deep


CNBC - Jobless Claims Jump; Core PPI Up, Trade Deficit Down

Reason - The Minimum Wage Mirage



Forbes – Blahous vs. CBO: Who’s Right on Obamacare’s Impact On the Deficit?

Reason - Why You Shouldn't Trust Medicare Trust Fund Accounting

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